【#002 鴻池朋子】 アーティスト:鴻池朋子×聞き手:福住 廉

2014/09/22(月) 19:00-21:00



Tomoko Konoike(Painter, Contemporary Artist)

Born in 1960 in Akita, Japan. After graduating from Japanese painting at Tokyo University of the Arts, she was involved in planning for toys and novelties before moving on to work in a design company. Since 1998, she has expressed herself through installations depicting contemporary mythology, making use of painting, sculpture, animation, and picture books. Recently she has travelled the northeast, experimenting with storytelling and art with focus on mountain huts as boarders between human beings and the wild.

鴻池朋子|Tomoko Konoike

福住 廉(美術評論家)

1975年東京都生まれ。著書に『今日の限界芸術』、共著に『現代アートの本当の学び方』等多数。「artscape」、「共同通信」、「Forbes JAPAN」で毎月連載しているほか、「里山の限界芸術」展(まつだい「農舞台」ギャラリー)など、展覧会のキュレーションも手がける。現在、東京芸術大学大学院、女子美術大学、多摩美術大学非常勤講師。「大地の芸術祭越後妻有アートトリエンナーレ2015」プログラム・ディレクター。

Ren Fukuzumi(Art Critic)

born in TOKYO in 1975, Writer of “artscape”, “KYODO News”, “Forbes JAPAN”, Curator of “ Marginal Art in Satoyama”(Matsudai Nohbutai Gallery), Program Director of Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale 2015, and Lecturer of Tokyo Unversity of Arts, Joshibi University of Arts and Design, and Tama Art University.