【#005 ヤノベケンジ】 アーティスト:ヤノベケンジ

2014/09/25(木) 19:00-21:00



Kenji Yanobe

Since the early 1990s, Yanobe has been incorporating the theme of survival in present-day society into his work, creating numerous large-scale mechanical sculptural works with references to Japanese subcultures as well as a critical perspective towards technology. In 1997, as a part of his research, he visited the abandoned site of Chernobyl wearing an Atom Suit, a protective suit of his own creation, which turns to Atom Suit Project - a project to reflect on the seduction and terror of devastation after the failure of technology. In reaction to the earthquake and following nuclear disaster in Fukushima in 2011, Yanobe turned to work to utter positive messages towards future generations, which first embodied in Sun Child, a 6m tall statue, and Sun Sister, a girl to rise looking up to the sun,

ヤノベケンジ|Kenji Yanobe