【#020 Chim↑Pom】 アーティスト:Chim↑Pom

2014/11/02(日) 19:00-21:00


卯城竜太・林靖高・エリイ・岡田将孝・稲岡求・水野俊紀の当時20代の6名が、2005年に東京で結成したアーティスト集団。時代のリアルに反射神経で反応し、現代社会に全力で介入した強い社会的メッセージを持つ作品を次々と発表。映像作品を中心に、インスタレーション、パフォーマンスなど、メディアを自在に横断しながら表現している。近年はさらに活動の範囲を広げ、美術専門誌監修や展覧会キュレーションなども行う。著作に『Chim↑Pomチンポム作品集』(河出書房新社)、『なぜ広島の空をピカッとさせてはいけないのか』(阿部謙一との共編著、無人島プロダクション)、『芸術実行犯』(朝日出版社)、『SUPER RAT』(パルコ)、『エリイはいつも気持ち悪い エリイ写真集 produced by Chim↑Pom』(朝日出版社)がある。

Chim↑Pom(Artist collective)

Artist collective formed in 2005 in Tokyo with Ushiro Ryuta, Hayashi Yasutaka, Ellie, Okada Masataka, Inaoka Motomu and Mizuno Toshinori and all in their twenties at that time. Responding instinctively to the “real” of their times, Chim↑Pom has continuously released works that fully intervene in contemporary society with strong social messages. Using video as a primary discipline, their expressions freely cross over a range of media from installation to performance. While based in Tokyo, they develop their activities globally in exhibitions and projects in various countries. More recently, they have expanded their activities further to include the direction of art magazines, and exhibition curation. Japanese-language publications Naze Hiroshima No Sora Wo PIKA! To Saseteha Ikenainoka [Why Can’t We Make the Sky of Hiroshima “PIKA!”?] (co-edited with Abe Kenichi, Tokyo: MUJIN-TO Production, 2009), Chim↑Pom (Tokyo: Kawade Shobo Shinsha, 2010), Geijutsu Jikkohan [Art as Action] (Tokyo: Asahi Press, 2012), and Ellie Wa Itsumo Kimochi Warui (Tokyo: Asahi Press, 2014) are now available.